Halina's ideas.

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Halina's ideas.

Post by Stepmania on Sat Jul 20, 2013 1:26 am

Hello. I have a list of suggestions to post:

1. Meso farming room: I think that it is really tedious to get mesos in this server. FM 11 gives a fairly good meso amount, but it's more of a rebirth room than a meso room. Not to mention that Gold Pouches cost 10 Money Sacks to generate only 1. In my opinion, that makes the rewards from the Ria NPC kind of useless to get compared to the other items that are available.

2. JQ warper: It is always nice to have some extra things to do aside from farming, grinding, and chatting all day. Whether all available JQs will be added to this, or whether there will be rewards or not can be decided later. I think that having a JQ warper allows others to improve their skill without having to rely on an event.

3. Adding more NX items: There are some notable NX items missing in the reward NPCs. If it is possible to request and add those I could provide a list, along with the items that other people would want to have added as well. We all like character customization, and it also gives us something to do when we are bored.

4. The removal of the Eklipse and Lumiere: Some people have been arguing on these titles; they don't really benefit players, and also feel like they are kind of a disturbance, since they are added in the guild space, as well. My issue with it is that I find it uncomfortable to have the title shown in the guild name. It would be nice if only the name could be removed. The system can stay, but it should have a function, at least.

5. Scripting of certain NX weapons: All of the NX that list they work with "all weapons", mainly the ones from the reward NPCS, turn out not to work with spears, pole arms, and knuckles. In the convenience of the players it would be nice to have those scripted. That way a player won't have to waste their vote points and being disappointed that their weapon is unequipable, while they should be able to equip it with their weapon of choice. This is mainly an issue with the pole arm weapons, because Dragon Roar is the most common attack used.

I will add more ideas when I can think of them. Feel free to leave some constructive ciritcism. Any other ideas are welcome too!

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Re: Halina's ideas.

Post by smexy on Sun Aug 25, 2013 1:10 pm

yea ... we need a jq system

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