Dizzy's Fizzy GM Application

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Dizzy's Fizzy GM Application

Post by Dizzy on Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:28 pm

Dizzy's GM Application

Account ID

Your account ID should not be given to anyone at any circumstance, if a GM wants to know your ID they can find out from the owner if he is willing to give it out (which he should not be doing unless there is a legitimate reason. But if the owner wants to know your ID then he can look in the player data base and find your IGN which then will tell him/her your account ID.
My IGN has been Dizzy as long as i could remember, and it will continue to be the same forever. I keep it the same because people should know you by that one name, so when they see it or hear it they know it's you and not someone else. That unique name is made for me and no one else, it is there to show that i'm so caring i get dizzy trying to help.
Who is Dizzy?
Most of you know me by my IGN Dizzy, but my real name is Csaba Kadar. I was born in Hungary on May 31,1995 but moved to Canada when i was in Junior Kindergarten, i live near Toronto so my timezone is EST (Eastern Standard Time). I recently just turned 18 and I'm proud to be able to finally call myself an adult.
How long would you be online for per day?
Well if you were to put a number on it probably anywhere between 12-16 hours, depending on my day. But how it ends up happening is i wake up around 8-9 am and go to sleep at like 4 am, or whenever I'm too tired to function. So you could say that i will be online for quiet a while.
How long ago did you join TrueStory?
Well i was with TrueStory before it became TrueStory, I played this server back when it was called CrypticMS. It was owned by a wonderful owner named Daniel who later on changed the name to MoanStory which then got changed to TrueStory once Andrew took over. So you can see that i have been with "TrueStory" since the beginning, way before it was what it is now.
Why did you apply to become a GM?
I applied to become a GM for one soul reason, which is that i love this server. From the beginning to the end i always say, a place will always treat you better when you learn to love the people in it and the things it has to offer. Well that's me i love this community, this was the first PVS that was different then others, it not only had style but character as-well. I simply want to become a GM to keep this community safe and everyone happy, i wanna be the one that supplies support to other players, the one that doesn't do it just because he has power but the one that does it from his/her heart. A person that truly cares is hard to come by, so i just hope you see me as that caring and loving person.
Experiences in being a GM?
Well i could say that i have had lots of experience with it but i can not back that up with an SS, but what i can say is that you got to treat everyone as your equal. Just because your GM doesn't make you any better then another player.
Why would we choose you?
I can sit here and pull a bunch of BS out of my mouth and tell you all the reason you want to hear but that's not cool. The only reason you should choose me is if you want to, it is simple as that. I'm just a straight forward person who is eager to help his community in whichever way that he can. There's no need to boost about how i am because in the end its the character of a person and their initiative to participate with helping out that counts.
What if a player reports that they have been scammed?
Well first of you i would take each individual and bring them to the black room. Once there they would be questioned separate, both sides of the story will be analyzed and if there are witnesses to what happened then they will be questioned too. If in then end i can not figure out who is the one that got scammed then further actions will be taken and the problem will be reported to iFunky. ( everyone must have SS proof of incident prior to the happening).
Basic Rules that GM's should possess?
Some basic rules are: no giving away items, select number of winners per event, no swearing, be polite, treat everyone the same, double check everything, Cant be one sided or can not like one person more then the other. As a Game Master your there to make sure everything runs smoothly and to support other players, that is why you may not be biased.

I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read this, and even if i do not make it please feel free to ask me for help anytime in game. Once again im Csaba Kadar and it was nice meeting everyone, whether it be new player or re-meeting old friends, Happy TrueStorying.


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Re: Dizzy's Fizzy GM Application

Post by Aneurysm on Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:32 pm

I only read to the "IGN" part, but good luck anyway.<3

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