Some basic things that might improve the gameplay.

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Some basic things that might improve the gameplay.

Post by Sloth on Sun Jul 07, 2013 10:42 pm

I've noticed that lots of people left and new players barely stay and I think it's time for some changes that might improve the game play and get the server populated once again.
(I discussed this topic with anyone I could find in game (Which means like 4-5 people over the last 3 days) and most of them agreed that some changes would be nice.)

1) First of all I think everyone would agree on a nerf for the Dragon Roar skill, it's just too overpowered and ruins the game play.
(1-2 hitting HH at when you reach your first lvl 100 is just a joke and so is 1 hitting bodyguards at 30 rebirths..)

2) RSI's are way to easy to obtain, I think it's a good idea to make them harder to get so the game play stays more challenging.(Maybe ask vote points/gold pouches + the items for it?)
Also changing the seeds to another item would be a good idea because if you know where to go it's too easy and if you don't it is too hard and annoying.

3) There are still a lot of flaws in the server, like skills not working properly and glitched monsters.
(I would like to show the GMs in game.)

4) I think adding a npc for jump quests with rewards like gold pouches or money sacks would be a good idea, so there are more ways to amuse yourself online.
(I like jump quests and doing it for a reward sounds great.)

5) Improving MSIs so they actually become worth grinding for, the current MSIs are a joke.
(maybe add basic weapon attack to them, something between 100-150 or something.)

6) A double vote reward week or something like that, so people would vote as often as they can, this might help the server get back into the ranks.

7) Multiple players asked for a reward system for the pvp. Maybe a new npc or money sacks or something like that?

8) Party quests, I know people asked about this before and I think they're already working on it, but I would like to see the Kerning pq edited so we can actually finish it.
(Currently the bosses fall through the floor at the end so you can't kill them, and if you do kill them there is a ??????? boss somewhere which you can't find or kill, also the npc glitches if you leave the pq without finishing the bosses)

9) Pride came up with a in my opinion good idea to slow down the overkill process of rebirthing and getting loads and loads of RSI's.. I don't even know if it's possible but, lowering the received ability points after a certain amount of rebirths will make it harder and more of a challenge.

10) Multiple players asked for hangout spots with a free music change npc.
(This is maybe a good idea if the server gets more players)

11) High rebirth hunting areas, there a lot of nice unused maps out there where you could make farming spots. Because when you reach a high number of rebirths grinding at FM 11 will become very very boring.
(This can be used for faster meso farming or just high experience mobs that are hard to kill?)

To be continued..

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Re: Some basic things that might improve the gameplay.

Post by Jimmy on Mon Jul 08, 2013 6:19 am

Please post more suggestions! I will list these to Andrew and will make these happen!


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