Lawzliet's Intern Application

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Lawzliet's Intern Application

Post by Lawzliet on Sat Jun 22, 2013 6:11 pm

Account ID: Lawzliet

IGN: Lawzliet

Name: Lawzliet Katsukage


TimeZone/Country: Canada~(I Beleive right now were: Current Time Zone Offset: UTC/GMT -7 Hours/ Standard Time Zone: UTC/GMT -8 Hours)

How much time you would be spending in Truestory per day: i would be here probably all day training cause its summer and school days maybe the least of 2-3 hours so i can atleast finish the job. (besides wen im on vacation I'll definitely tell in advance)

Joined Truestory for how long?: well me only for a day but i played on my friends account for quite a while when i go over to his place so id say in total 2 weeks since it reopened?

Why did you apply for GM?: Cause iv been playing this game for quite a while and i do see it needs improvement in some parts not all but i would like to be the change that i/you guys were looking for.

What experiences you have/had?: Yes i did, infact i was Mod for alot of places i do not have screenshots because i change computer often but i can bet my life on it that i've been Mod for atleast 3-4 servers.

Why would we chose you?: Well that depends... Its not really my position to judge my application and i would think you would be in better position to judge me cause you know what your looking for in a gm on TrueStory. I do hope you chose me cause i am qualified and would very much like to help this community grow bigger and bigger by day

What happen when player report to you about them being scammed?: well first i usually trust players on this but... I would make sure that they were indeed scammed then talk with the highers about this situation and figure out a solution for the poor player and after we get the solution we either give the player (the player that scammed player 1) a warning, temporary ban, or permanent ban depending on the severity of the scam and i would give what was rightfully theirs back to player 1 and tell them to have fun playing the game and to play safe.

What are the basic rules that GM should possess?: Well MOST, MOST importantly Loyalty and Honesty if they weren't honest or loyal there would be a big problem. Second most important Friendliness everybody likes to talk to someone nice and has manners. So that brings us to the last but not the least most important thing a GM should possess is Manners. Manners are used every where online, with your parents, and with people important or not so important to you. If you don't have that then you should revise your personality more carefully. Well you know what i think there's... More... Don't worry ill only say one more thing and that is Talkative every GM has to be outstanding and talkative. Or else they will be to shy to even speak to players and wont get much or anything at all solved. About GM powers: No Abusing powers, No FREEBIES, Always treet players with the utmost respect like a waiter to their loyal customer.

Others you would like to add on to your app: Well i do actually... I'd like to thank you all for reading My intern Application and i wish you guys the best of luck if you applied and have a wunderful evening : D ( or wutever your having now morning after noon ya...)~(And Please dont comment anything i wanna clean App like boss said comments just ruins it thx)

~~By: Lawzliet
~And I Approve This Message : D

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