D3VIL Gm Application .

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D3VIL Gm Application .

Post by D3vil on Thu Jun 20, 2013 2:49 pm


Name:Kevin Lim


TimeZone/Country:(UTC+08:00)Kuala Lumpur,Singapore / Malaysia

How much time you would be spending in Truestory per day:Average is more than 4hr

Joined TrueStory for how long?:A Week

Why did you apply to be a GM?:To Become GM , Help To Secure the server , Make Events For Player 

What experiences you have/had?(SS would be the best evidence):i Do Not Have Any Experience But I Willing To Learn From Senior GM

Why would we choose you?:You All Have The Rights To Choose Me .But I'm Willing To Learn And Be A GM To Help Out The Server . And Using The Commands That You Given To  Help Out People Who Just Join Truestory .

What happen when player report to you about them being scammed?:I Will Check If He/Her Have Screenshots Or Evidence To Confirm That The Scammer Has Scammed The Victim

What are the basics rules that GM should possess?:Not To Abuse The Commands ,Not to Give Freebies To Player (Unless an events is won),Take SS Before We Jail The Player 

Others you would like to add on to your apps:I Willing To Learn , Hope You Will Let Me Join The GM-Team To Get Rid Of Hackers And Helpout New Players Smile.


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