Gullible's GM Application

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Gullible's GM Application

Post by Jellobeans on Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:36 pm

*Going to be away since its Summer Vacation to the other side of Earth and yup.* 
(Able to be a GM on the other side of Earth as well. Time Zone will be Taiwan.)

Account ID:jellos



Age:14 turning 15 soon

TimeZone/Country: Pacific Time Zone/Canada, British Columbia

How much time you would be spending in Truestory per day:On weekdays I'll Probably be on for about 1-4 hours depending on what I'm doing on that day. I take breaks since my eyes are kind of bad, but on weekends, I can definitely stay on Truestory more.  

Joined TrueStory for how long?: I've played 2 days. Started on June 15th.

Why did you apply to be a GM?:The reason I applied to be a GM because I want to help more people and making the game more fun. Such as keeping the game fair by being a good member of the community, and I also want to keep the hackers away-- meaning less hackers since I want to keep it fair for the players.  

What experiences you have/had?(SS would be the best evidence): I've had very little experience as an Intern before on Oldstory about 4 years ago for about 3 days then the server crashed. I don't have any screen shots since I was young and didn't know that I would come across another chance to apply for a Gm spot.

Why would we choose you?: In those 3 days of internship, I wanted to know how to use the commands and make it fun for the players. I know many events that I can host and share with the players since I've  been on many Private Servers. I have about 7 ideas for events.

What happen when player report to you about them being scammed?: I'd ask what did they trade or drop when one reports the problem. After, I'll ask for proof for example a SS. I'll try to gather more information about the scammer. Before I ban the scammer, I'll ask for opinions from the other GM's on if he/she is worthy to be banned. Most inportantly, the person who got scammed will not retrieve their item back.

What are the basics rules that GM should possess?:
The basic rules that I know for a GM are:
1) NEVER give out items to players
2) Help players if needed but not training.
3) Do NOT spam notices.'
4) Don't abuse our GM command/Power even for fun
  Such as..
  -spawning monsters for the players when its not an event
  -jailing players just to troll them
  -or banning people for fun
5) Give warnings before jailing and maybe take a SS of what they did in order for me to jail them.
6) Don't swear.

Others you would like to add on to your apps:
Personality: I'm sort of Gullible, and I'm shy, but when you get to know me, I'll be super annoying. I'll get very angry and obnoxious when someone pisses me off. (But I won't jail them, unless they're causing problems for the players.)


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