Lucky's Intern/GM Application

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Lucky's Intern/GM Application

Post by little1 on Mon Jun 17, 2013 3:55 am

IGN: Lucky

Name: Dominic

Age: 18

TimeZone/Country: Pacific time zone (California)

How much time you would be spending in Truestory per day: Around 5-8 hours (not as much as others but I believe good enough to monitor activity and make other games enjoy their time playing TrueStory)

Joined TrueStory for how long?: I registered about 2-3 days ago but actually started playing 6/15/13. I know I am new but I have experience and willing to learn anything new.

Why did you apply to be a GM?: To be honest I applied for GM position because once I played the game I could tell it is different than other servers and it has a lot of potential to grow all we have to do is bring players over and it will take some time but I am willing to put in a lot of hard work and time to make that happen.

What experiences you have/had?(SS would be the best evidence): I have been level 4 GM on mythic story a while ago. At one point it was in the top 5 and was a popular server. I have also played many private servers and global so I know what people like to see in a private server and how they would like to enjoy their time while playing TrueStory.

Why would we choose you?: TrueStory should choose me as a GM because I can bring in something unique to this game that I believe others cannot. I will like to have this server ranked number 1 but the only way to do that is to bring more people to the game. We can bring more people to the game by fixing bugs and asking the players what they will like to see in the game and what they prefer.

What happen when player report to you about them being scammed?: If a player came up to me and said they were scammed I would try to investigate it by asking both parties and to see if the story matches up because I cannot be giving items away randomly which isn't fair to other gamers and it is abusing powers. I will team up with other GMs and we will decide on what to do like a council/judge would do.

What are the basics rules that GM should possess?:

1. A GM should be mature and know wrong from right.

2. Common sense and to be able to think on their feet because there will be times when this will be needed during the game.

3. Know your limits because you do not want to be power hungry and be controlling over others who are trying to have legit fun.

4. If I have any doubts about what I'm doing/allowed to do I will always check with owner to see if its cool or not.

5. Listening is a big one as well becomes GM's have to be able to hear out everyone side and any ideas new members might have.

6. Respect and needs to be Trustworthy

Others you would like to add on to your apps:

I cannot wait until we blow this server up on rankings and have it be Top 5 server because then we will have the most fun being GM's because we have more monitoring to do and events to host to keep players active and also the owner will be well known as the owner of the best private server which is TrueStory.


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