Cosair's Gm Application

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Cosair's Gm Application

Post by cosair on Sun Jun 16, 2013 5:01 pm

IGN: Cosair

Name: Jun Wen

Age: 16

Time Zone / Country: (+GMT 8)Singapore
How much time you would be spending in Truestory per day: I can spend about 5hours~6hours on holidays but 2~3 hours in during school time.

Joined Truestory for how long? : I’ve joined Truestory for 5 days.

Why did you apply to be a GM? : I apply for a GM post is to help people when they needed it and make this sever more enjoyable for people to play.

What experiences you have/had? I’ve never become a GM before so that I do not have any experience before however I’m willing to learn it.

Why would we choose you: You should choose me because I’m willing to learn and help more of the people in here.

What are the basics rules that GM should Possess? :
·         No giving out of items freely
·         No abusing of powers (E.g. banning people freely without reasons.)
·         Screen shot the people who is hacking and ban straight
·         Not to despise people who do not have the Higher rank

Others you would like to add on to your apps: Hope that you will choose me J Hope that you will read this. J


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