Keeping Your Skills Wisely

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Keeping Your Skills Wisely

Post by Crayon on Thu Jun 13, 2013 6:08 am

This guide is only my recommendation. But if you got any skill to suggest, you may also suggest it to me! Smile

 On your first RB,
You'd probably want to be a Dark Knight first. So job advance to a Warrior > Spearman > Dragon Knight > Dark Knight.
For the skills, you could take with you Hyper Body ( Important For Low RB & Levels Only ), Dragon Roar, Dragon Blood And Maple Warrior.

Note : Keep the skills on your keyboard!

Your 2nd Rebirth,
You could job advance to a Bishop. You need lots of support skill from it. You could get Invincible, Bless, Holy Symbol, Magic Guard and Infinity.

On Your 3rd Rebirth,
Job advance to a Hero and get Combo Attack.

Next, On Your 4th Rebirth,
You may want to job advance to a Night Lord. Collect Haste And Shadow Partner.

On Your 5th Rebirth,
Job advance to a Bowmaster. Collect Sharp Eyes.

Job advance to a Pirate, Gunslinger. Collect the skill Aerial Strike.

You're Done! Go out there and smack some asses! ;D

Skill Summary : 

Optional :



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Re: Keeping Your Skills Wisely

Post by Sloth on Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:58 am

Nice guide very useful to new players,
but I'd suggest hero as your second rebirth instead of bishop because with combo attack your hits will be a lot higher and will make the further rebirthing a lot easier, and that way you can equip high watt spears/polearms to boost your dragon roar Smile

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