ExpSwords GM application

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ExpSwords GM application

Post by superiice on Sat Nov 02, 2013 5:14 pm

IGN: ExpSwords

Name: Jason Chan

Age: 15

TimeZone/Country: New York

How much time you would be spending in Truestory per day: About 7 hours on weekends

Joined TrueStory for how long?: About a couple hours.

Why did you apply to be a GM?: To help TrueStory (I LOVE IT NOW!!!!)

What experiences you have/had?(SS would be the best evidence): Nothing.

Why would we choose you?: I'm a very active guy in video games.

What happen when player report to you about them being scammed?: I would ask who scammed, and be able to help out

What are the basics rules that GM should possess?: No swearing, hacking, abusing, or banning for no reason

Others you would like to add on to your apps: Nothing.


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